The Scottish Parliament’s consultation on so-called ‘Conversion Therapy’ is open and you can take part online.

It’s here.

The key parts to minimise harm to bisexual people are questions 1,3, 5 and 17.

Scotland’s biggest equality group covering bi people is the Equality Network and their opinion on the consultation is:

On the page “Defining conversion practices for this legislation”, we’re answering:

  • “Yes” to Question 1
  • Because: Conversion practices are harmful – let’s protect all LGBTQA+ people with a trans and asexual inclusive ban that covers sexual orientation and gender identity.

On the page “Suppression”, we’re answering:

  • “It should be covered” to Question 3
  • Because: We should all be able to live freely as our true selves, no matter who we are or who we love. No LGBTQA+ person should be forced to keep who they are buried or out of sight. That’s why suppression must be included in the law.

On the page “Overview of proposals”, we’re answering:

  • “Support” to Question 5
  • Because: We think it is better to protect people from harm in the first place than to punish people after they have done harm. We want the criminal law to be a last resort. That’s why we support civil protection orders.

On the page “Criminal offences – additional considerations”, we’re answering:

  • “Yes” to Question 17
  • Because: Conversion practices are done to LGBTQA+ people on the belief that we are wrong or need to be “fixed”. They don’t work, and they can cause lifelong harm. There should be no consent loophole to these harmful practices.

On the page “About you”, you have to fill in all the required fields. Your email address will be kept confidential, and if you select “Publish response only (without name)” or “Do not publish response”, your name will also be kept confidential.