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Eurovision threatens Ukraine

Russia will not be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, as a consequence of their invasion of Crimea. Following the occupation of the peninsula, Ukraine ordered a travel ban on people who have been to Crimea via Russia. This prevents many artists who have performed in Crimea over the past three years from entering Ukraine – including […]

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Bi Online Hub Lost?

LiveJournal, the online community which was the home of the bi scene online for more than a decade, has ceased to be a safe space for LGBT blogging and communication. Before the internet fragmented community to the four winds, for many years from 2000 LiveJournal was the busiest online forum for bi people in the UK. National conference BiCon had […]

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European Parliament condemns detention, torture and killings of bi & gay men in Chechnya

Last weekend, Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published an article reporting that over 100 people have been detained on suspicion for being gay in Chechnya, and suffered torture and humiliation. At least three men were killed. At his opening statement today, the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani MEP condemned the attacks: “I will confirm once again the European Parliament’s absolute […]

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