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Court of Appeal kicks Civil Partnerships down the road

The Court of Appeal today rejected a case arguing for the introduction of mixed-sex civil partnerships. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld brought the case arguing that they were being discriminated against on the grounds of sex, as a same-sex couple would be allowed the choice of marriage or civil partnership. A previous court ruling allowed that civil partnerships should remain […]

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Australia Drops Marriage Referendum

The Australian Parliament has blocked moves for a Republic of Ireland-style marriage referendum in the country. As we reported two months ago, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had sought to use a referendum to neutralise the issue rather than face a battle inside his right-wing party. It’s a risky move – it’s the same trick David Cameron used to put the […]

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Marriage: and now Gibraltar

Gibraltar has become the latest place to legalise same-sex marriage. The British territory on the tip of Spain passed the measure unanimously, and rejected a proposal to allow registrars to opt-out of conducting same-sex marriages. While Scotland, Wales, England and the Isle of Man all allow same-sex marriage it remains blocked in Northern Ireland by the DUP’s constitutional veto.

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After Ireland: Australia to vote

Australia is set to put the “question” of same-sex marriage to the public, with a nationwide referendum next February on whether to open up marriage beyond mixed-sex couples. If the vote goes ahead, decision day will be 11th February. Ireland passed same-sex marriage by a huge margin in a similar referendum. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told parliament that funding […]

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Marriage: Will Finland Flip-flop?

Two years ago Finland voted to legalise same-sex marriage – but the law has still not come into effect and now it seems they’re having doubts. “Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation,” Finland’s then prime minister Alexander Stubb, said before […]

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