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Eurovision threatens Ukraine

Russia will not be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, as a consequence of their invasion of Crimea. Following the occupation of the peninsula, Ukraine ordered a travel ban on people who have been to Crimea via Russia. This prevents many artists who have performed in Crimea over the past three years from entering Ukraine – including […]

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Eurovision bars Russian entry

The host nation for the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine, has barred the Russian contestant from attending the competition finals later this spring. Julia Samoylova, was chosen to represent Russia with the song Flame is Burning, sang in Crimea in 2015 – a year after Russia siezed the territory from Ukraine. She is one of more than 100 artists blacklisted for […]

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It’s Eurovision night!

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest – popularly dubbed ‘gay culture’s football cup final’. It has a bit of a marmitey reputation but at BCN Towers we love it (we’d do a “which was your favourite Eurovision song” poll but the list would be so long!) For what we think is the first time there’s an openly bi singer in […]

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