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Court of Appeal kicks Civil Partnerships down the road

The Court of Appeal today rejected a case arguing for the introduction of mixed-sex civil partnerships. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld brought the case arguing that they were being discriminated against on the grounds of sex, as a same-sex couple would be allowed the choice of marriage or civil partnership. A previous court ruling allowed that civil partnerships should remain […]

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Isle of Man leapfrogs Britain

From today the Isle of Man – which for decades has lagged behind its mainland neighbour on bi and gay rights – leaps ahead with partnership recognition reform. As well as extending marriage to same-sex couples the island will open up civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples – something which was in the original civil partnerships bill for Britain but was […]

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Civil partnership challenge fails

The legal challenge to the bar on mixed-sex civil partnerships has been defeated in court. As we reported last week Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld brought the case, arguing the current situation with marriage and civil partnership law constitutes unlawful discrimination. Marriage is now open to mixed-sex or same-sex couples, while civil partnerships – though the initial House of Lords […]

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