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Out Now!

…and landing on doormats, the Autumn edition of BCN magazine! There’s the latest installment of our ongoing short fiction tale, all the best UK bi listings of local and national groups and resources & more. In short – there’s loads inside! Get yours in the post

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Kate Brown: Another Bisexual Pioneer

Kate Brown has made history by becoming the first out bi person elected Governor in the USA. She also pioneers that ground for the LGBT community as a whole, as no gay, lesbian or trans person has yet been elected to the role. Kate had already served in the role for a year having replaced Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber following his […]

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America Turns Right


The USA voted to follow on Barack Obama’s eight-year term as President by handing the White House to Donald Trump. The election was won by Clinton by the narrowest of margins in the popular vote – with almost everything counted the tally is currently: Clinton 58,879,687 Trump 58,844,144 However the USA’s “electoral college” election system turns this into a sturdy […]

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Australia Drops Marriage Referendum

The Australian Parliament has blocked moves for a Republic of Ireland-style marriage referendum in the country. As we reported two months ago, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had sought to use a referendum to neutralise the issue rather than face a battle inside his right-wing party. It’s a risky move – it’s the same trick David Cameron used to put the […]

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The USA Goes To The Polls

It’s election day in the United States today after what has felt like an even longer campaign than usual (and not just because this time polling day is the latest in the year it can legally be held). The final polls show Democrat party candidate for President Hilary Clinton a few points ahead of Republican Donald Trump – but then, […]

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NaNoWriMo Begins!

It’s a new month and November 1 begins National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Are you having a bash at writing the great bisexual novel?  Or failing that, the great effort of a bisexual novel?  Let us know, we’ll follow your tweets / updates about it and share them here…  And for the rest of us who lack the time, […]

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BiCon Bookings Open for 2017

BiCon will return to Leeds next summer, and bookings opened at midnight. Weekend passes including accommodation start at £130 per person, while tickets for the full event without accommodation start at £30 each. You can book here. The long-running annual bi conference / convention will run from August 10th to 13th at the Headingley campus of Leeds Beckett University.  The […]

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