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Research: Bi people targets for ‘revenge porn’

New research from the USA suggests that bisexual, lesbian and gay people are four times more likely to be the victims of ‘revenge porn’ than heterosexual people are. A report from the Center for Innovative Public Health Research suggests 1 in 25 internet users in the USA have been a victim of revenge porn – a surprisingly high figure. The […]

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Government dodging question on bi asylum seekers

A House of Lords debate on Wednesday focused on bisexual, transgender, lesbian and gay asylum seekers – but answers were not forthcoming from the government. Lord Scriven asked, To ask Her Majesty’s Government how many people claiming asylum in the last year did so on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity; and of those, how many have been […]

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EU reviews progress on LGBT+ rights

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted a new report on fundamental rights in the EU.  The report assesses how fundamental rights are implemented in the EU, and what must still be done to reach standards laid down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The document includes an extensive snapshot of the situation for LGBTI people across the EU. The report calls […]

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Human Rights Day: Celebrate and Defend

Human Rights Day is marked each year on 10 December, to celebrate the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Two years later the UN General Assembly passed a motion inviting all member states and other interested organisations to commemorate the UDHR on 10th December each year. It matters to us […]

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December 5th is marked each year as International Volunteer Day – since it was declared such by the United Nations in 1985. It’s a day to celebrate volunteers and volunteer-driven organisations, and the role of each in wider society. Which is quite appropriate for us given almost all bi organisations are run for the good of wider (bi) society rather […]

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