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New Year’s Resolution to meet other bis?

Lacked inspiration when Big Ben chimed and looking for a late new year’s resolution? Local bi group in Manchester, BiPhoria, have sent out their New Year circular to people they’ve met at their outreach stalls at Prides and other community events – with three suggestions. Maybe you’ll want to take one of them up! * going along to a bi […]

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Birmingham opens its doors for Christmas – again

Birmingham LGBT Centre have announced, following on from last year’s successful event, they will be holding their fourth annual Christmas Day party for the LGBT community. Steph Keeble, Director at Birmingham LGBT states “Christmas can be a difficult time for many LGBT people who may be estranged from their birth families. It is traditionally a very heteronormative festival with a big […]

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Human Rights Day: Celebrate and Defend

Human Rights Day is marked each year on 10 December, to celebrate the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Two years later the UN General Assembly passed a motion inviting all member states and other interested organisations to commemorate the UDHR on 10th December each year. It matters to us […]

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December 5th is marked each year as International Volunteer Day – since it was declared such by the United Nations in 1985. It’s a day to celebrate volunteers and volunteer-driven organisations, and the role of each in wider society. Which is quite appropriate for us given almost all bi organisations are run for the good of wider (bi) society rather […]

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