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Latest Headlines

  • Bi meets ahead of BiConWant to get out and meet some other bis? It’s BiCon next weekend in Leeds, but before that we have two bi meets in our diary around the country in the next couple of days! Tomorrow night in Bristol it’s the regular meetup of BiVisible at Ca
  • Painkiller Jane: The FilmIn need of a bisexual superheroine? Ten years on from the first film version of graphic novel Painkiller Jane, a new film is being touted about the bisexual undercover policewoman. The film is to be directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska, according to Hol
  • Bi Groups To Network AgainThe first day of BiCon, August 1st, will see the third meeting of the Bi Local Groups Network. Two years on from the founding of the national network of bisexual people’s social & support group organisers, the networking meeting will be held
  • BiCon unveils timetableThinking of coming to this year’s big bisexual gathering BiCon? The handbook and programme grids from the programme page are now available to read online and there is also an accessible word version of the large print handbook. The organisers
  • EuroBiCon returns!It’s been eleven years since the last European BiCon – held in Dublin in 2003 – but the event will at last return. The event is picking up on a UK BiCon model of incorporating a theory & research event, so today’s announ

Bi Britain

Down Your Way

There are lots of local and national groups for bi people.

From social and support groups to lobbying and campaigning – find out more from our [nationwide list of bisexual groups...]

I think I’m bi…
…what do I do now?

We’ve just published the fourth edition of our guide to coming out & bisexuality in the UK, “Both Directions”

It’s recommended reading – whether you’re coming out as bi, have just discovered that a partner or friend is bisexual, or want a bi resource for an LGBT group or outreach stall. [Read more...]

Bi Love You!bi-colours heart shape

Three of our columnists tackle love and relationships from different angles: M’s Bi Sex & The City; the Diary of a ‘crap lesbian’; and unrequited bi love in Bi Crushing.

Bi Outreach?

Planning to do a bi stall somewhere to raise awareness of bisexuality and the bi community, or want lighter reading than Both Directions for your community centre information rack?

Get in touch with us :)

Festivals Breaking Out All Over

Day-long events for bis and their friends are now happening in many cities each year around the UK. Find out more on the BiFest website

And Bi Visibility Day has been marked annually since 1999. In 2013 there were more than a dozen events around the UK and we’re looking forward  to September 23 this year. Read more!