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 This week: meet bis in Manchester, London, Swansea, Wolverhampton, Edinburgh…

Local Bi GroupsYou’ve got a load of Christmas cards to write but there are lots of bi meetups going on around the country this week!

Monday in London is the Over 50s Bi Group from 6pm at AgeUK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square.

Tuesday night is Manchester Bi Pub meet from 8pm at the Waterhouse next to the Town Hall. Look for the lion or see the BiPhoria web page.

Also on Tuesday Swansea bis meet at Mozarts on Walter Road from 7.45pm.  For more details text 07982 308812 or email for more details

Finally on Tuesday, Wolverhampton bis meet from 7pm at Wolverhampton LGBT Centre, 4 Salop St.

Finally on Wednesday in Edinburgh Bi & Beyond meet at the LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 9 Howe St, from 7pm.

Find out more about bi meets around the country here.


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 Conversion Day!

bi_doFor civil-partnered couples in Wales and England today (Wednesday 10th December) is a key date – from today Civil Partnerships can be legally converted to marriage.

BCN Editor Jen Yockney writes:

For a decade Civil Partnerships have been the “separate but equal” excuse for the gender restrictions on marriage – that wasn’t equal in either name or detail.

Now as well as marriage there is conversion for what I think some see as a kind of legacy relationship recognition: almost like those machines that convert your vinyl to mp3 because there’s only one imaginable direction of conversion.

It’s a one-way trip, with no option for married people to become civilly partnered, and Civil Partnerships remain exclusively the domain of those the law sees as in same-sex relationships.

For every partnered couple it will be a particular individual choice, but collectively the number of people who convert may have an important impact on government policy on this issue in the next Parliament.

The last government deliberately removed mixed-sex couples from the civil partnership legislation before it became law, while the current one brought forward same-sex marriage for Wales and England, but refused to open up civil partnerships in a mirror of what was happening to marriage. Devolved Scotland largely marched in step, behind on the calendar but ahead on the detail, while Northern Ireland held out against the tide of history.

If lots of people keep hold of their civil partnerships it may help them to be seen as subtly different in quality in a way that leads the next government to review the bar to mixed-sex civil partnership registration. A tidal wave of conversion, though, and it will only be Northern Ireland stopping them being scrapped.

Who knows, maybe the Parliament after that we will even see UK-wide partnership legislation fit for the 21st century.

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 Meet bis down your way this week

lioncake-300x190There are lots of bi meetups going on around the country this week!

Tuesday sees the last Bisexual Underground of the year in London at the Blue Posts from 6pm. Also that night Brum Bi Group meets at the LGBT Centre from 7.30.

Wednesday night Leeds Bi Group meet at Mesmac from 7pm while Colchester Bi Group meets at the Outhouse, also from 7.

Thursday is BiTopia in Nottingham at The Lord Roberts pub on Broad Street from 7.30pm; look for the table with the duck.

Finally Saturday sees the Brighton bi coffee meet from 3pm at Red Roaster, 1D St James’s Street, while at 3pm in Manchester BiPhoria are doing the Christmas markets and then adjourning to a pub.

Find out more about bi meets around the country here.


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 Celebrating Bi Volunteering

Volunteering DayToday is International Volunteer Day, celebrating the work of millions of volunteers making lives and communities better and stronger throughout the world. 

Our bi projects around the UK are dependent on volunteers – as good a time as any to say “thank you” to the people who run your local bi meetup, campaigning group, or even magazine!

Almost all the bi community events, groups and support depend wholly on unpaid effort: maybe now’s the time to become a bi volunteer yourself?

We have a feature with lots of ideas of ways you can get involved in bi volunteeringwhether you have ten minutes to spare just now, a day every week, or anything in between.

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 Lords debate bi women’s health

ParliamentTonight saw the first ever debate in the House of Lords on bisexual, trans and lesbian women’s health.

Baroness Liz Barker opened the debate saying:

“My Lords, in 1999, shortly after I became a Member of your Lordships’ House, I met Lord Campbell of Croy at an event. During our conversation he said, with a note of some pride in his voice, that he had been the Member speaking in your Lordships’ House when the ladies abseiled in from the Gallery to protest against Section 28. Much has changed since then. Section 28 is now history and, as someone who suffers from vertigo, I have to say that I am glad we no longer have to descend by ropes; we can walk in and take our place alongside everybody else in your Lordships’ House.

“Today is historic. This is the first time that we have ever had a debate in this House about lesbians, bisexuals and trans women, and their health needs in particular. I am not turning my back on our gay brothers but I just ask them: today, please don’t rain on our parade.”

She addressed four questions to the government minister on issues around bi, lesbian and trans women’s health: Read the rest of this post »

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 Issue 127 out now! Parenting, research, bi debate and bis on TV…

bcn127-200The latest issue of BCN is out now. 

You can order issue 127 or subscribe online here

Features include:

  • Becoming a parent and staying bi-visible
  • News from Canada where new research backs bi groups
  • Badges at BiCon – what are they for?
  • This year’s BiCon debates
  • Bi Visibility Day 2014 roundup
  • And in BiMediaWatch: bisexuality in Witches of East End, Constantine and Gotham

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 This week: meet bis in Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh & more

lioncake-300x190There are lots of bi meetups going on around the country this week!

Tuesday has Manchester’s monthly bi meet at the LGF community centre. BiPhoria meets there from 7.30pm sharp for their monthly “talky space” get-together. The same night Sheffield Bi+ have a coffee meet at Interval bar from 8pm: look for the pink, purple and blue bi flag on the table.

On Wednesday Edinburgh’s Bi & Beyond meet at the LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 9 Howe St, from 7pm.

Thursday it’s the turn of Bi Cardiff from 6.30pm – email for details. Also at 6.30pm in Brighton local group Bothways meet at the Friends Meeting House.

Finally on Saturday from 3pm it’s London Bi Coffee at Spitalfields Market (coffees shop) – the meeting runs through til six.


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 Finland joins the marriage club

finlandFinland has just voted to legalise same-sex marriage, making it the 12th European country to do so.

It passed by 105 votes to 92, some twelve years on from the introduction of same-sex civil partnerships in Finnish law.

“Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation,” prime minister, Alexander Stubb, said before the vote.

Same-sex weddings have been conducted in Wales and England since March and the first will be held in Scotland on December 31st. Northern Ireland has yet to legislate for the change despite the Stormont Assembly considering it three times so far.

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